We offer multiple services

General maintenance

oil change

Oil Changes

We offer all weights of oil. Oil changes typically take an hour or less to perform. Pricing is based on how many quarts of oil used.

Tune Ups

Removing and replacing spark plugs. We also offer spark plug wire cleaning and replacement. Air filters/cabin air filter replacements as well.

tire rotation

exterior + interior

Tire rotations, alignment, brake replacements, rotor replacements, fixing dents and bent rims.

Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Your car sends a series of codes to the control panel. We can view these codes and figure out what is causing your vehicle issues.

Performance Upgrades


Custom Mig & Tig welding

We can weld here at the shop. So if you are looking to upgrade your exhaust system bring it to us.

Turbo & Supercharger Builds

Giving your engine the maximum amount of power. We can upgrade to either turbo or supercharger.

engine upgrades

Engine Upgrades

We can repair or replace your engine.

Custom built wire harness

We custom design wire harness's to give you all options for accessorizing your vehicle.


Tubular front and rear Bumpers

We build custom front and rear bumpers to give you a peace of mind while in your vehicle.

roll cages

Custom roll cages

Creating custom roll cages for all vehicles. Whether its your lifted Jeep, lowered racing car, or even off-road vehicle.

If you do not see your requested services here, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are 99.9% sure we can offer it to you.